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Why I started RideBZE.com, and what I’m hoping to solve

I was given the idea to start this business on New Year’s Eve, 2016. This was during my 5th visit to Belize in under 12 months. I know, I have a problem.

Belize has stolen my heart like I’m sure it has yours (or will soon!). The person who gave me this idea, is Santiago Juan from Hanna Stables in San Ignacio Belize. (Stay there, you will never want to leave!). I told him that I was worn out, done with my industry, and want to run away.

Without skipping a beat, he started listing off business ideas that I should start. I sat there with my jaw on the floor.

Santiago owns a horse riding business as well as some Airbnb cottages. He noticed that others in his industry living in the same village as him, were struggling to take off. He thought that what they needed was to have a web presence, as this is one of the things that had helped his business grow.

The more I thought about it, the more I loved this idea.

By the next morning, I had already spun up my first server and started planning this website. From my phone. In Belize. Using Belize cell tower data.

By mid-February I had gathered over 100 followers on Facebook (ok, 30 were lovingly supportive friends and family), but I was still proud of these efforts 🙂

Jump ahead a few months and our Facebook Page is just a few people shy of 2,000 followers, and there are 40+ tours listed between 8 incredible Belize tour operators!

So, I got the idea from Santiago… but why was this so exciting to me? Humans are my passion, and Belize follows closely behind.

The number one complaint I hear from tourists in Belize, is that they don’t like having to email or call people to book their excursions. I’m raising my hand here as well! I book everything online. If I can’t book it online, I probably won’t do it. I know it’s horrible, but that’s actually how I chose my doctor, dentist … you name it.

The more I explored Belize, the more I found that way too many tour operators have little to no online presence. These were incredible, hardworking, motivated people with a lot to offer the tour industry. I don’t like that something this “simple” is what has been preventing them from thriving.

This is why I started RideBZE.com. A simplified solution to building the web presence for as many Belizean tour operators as I can, while also solving the #1 tourist complaint I kept hearing. An online tour listing service, where you can see tour availability and book instantly online.

I’m so in love with Belize, and I do hope you email me if you have any questions about what to expect on your trip. Check out my Belize Travel Blog, and comment on any post that leaves you with questions!

I would love to help you fall in love with this country that has taken over my heart.


Thank you so much for taking the time to view this website, and read more about this website!

– Hannah | RideBZE.com

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