Are you tough enough for a Belize excursion with Purple Mayan Tours?

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Purple Mayan Tours was created by a Canadian, Steve Reichert who felt such a draw to Belize and the opportunity for adventure. Having gone on many different tours and finding a lot of them to be very bland and plain Jane, Steve set out to find some of the best adventures around.

Taking six months off to discover Belize. Steve bought an old diesel Toyota land cruiser affectionately known as “Lucifer” with a winch and a snorkel air breather kit, and set out on adventure. Steve and “Lucifer” set out on some pretty hardcore jungle adventures and terrain.

The winch got used a lot in those early days, Reichert recalled. His standard equipment to take with him those trips were some shovels, rope, chain a hand pulley an axe and the big winch. Equally important were some energy bars,a good book a tent and lots of water because he would never know how long he was staying there.

He remembers people telling hime, “you are crazy you can’t get a vehicle in that area”. But with lots of mud flying and lots of winching he would make it through. Reichert recalls numerous times having the mud halfway up the door panels on “Lucifer” and having to roll down the windows to get out.

Another time Reichert’s overconfidence with the Toyotas snorkel kit, crossing a river, led to a harrowing experience of the vehicle getting battered by current and drifting downstream about 100 yards before he could pull it out again. He remembered looking at the bottom of the riverbed through the windshield, and it was getting deeper and deeper. The current was taking the vehicle pretty fast downstream, and he thought he was going to have to abandon the vehicle at that point, and crawl out through the back hatch.

He remembers flooring it and coming out of  7 feet of water like a missile and there were these guys working chopping down  by the river. “It scared the hell outta them. They all started running and then just stared in disbelief.” Thus the name “Lucifer” was well earned.

He spent a lot of time, exploring old logging roads and Mayan ruins out in the jungle. There are a lot of great places that aren’t on the map that people don’t know about, waterfalls, ruins, rivers ,caves, amazing forests, wild orchids and wildlife. He has seen a lot of them.

He remembers after some of the adventures, talking to locals about the great waterfalls he found in the jungle, or a cave and they would say, “where is that”? They didn’t even know that was there. They would want him to take them their on a trip. Belize truly is a wonderful place for adventure.

After Reicherts adventures with “Lucifer”, he decided to put together adventure packages for tourists. Reichert compiled a secret list of over 300 things to see and do, all within a 90 minute radius of Benque. He doesn’t release the list to anyone, just his regular Purple Mayan clients get to enjoy it.

Reichert recalls getting many inquiries and phone calls of people wanting him to send them over his list of 300 adventures. “Do your own homework guys”, he would tell them. “I spent tens of thousands of dollars and 9 years of jungle trekking and exploring compiling this list, I am certainly not emailing it to you”.

This secret list of 300 things to see and do is being enjoyed by Purple Mayan clients and the customer response reflects that We get repeat customers time and time again.

Reichert always thought there were 3 levels of travelers. First was the extremist (like himself), that want to get muddy, go deep in the jungle, and really explore off the main roads and see some amazing things.

The second is the moderate, wants to see the wild side of things but not get dirty.

The third is the culture and nature tourist, lots of pictures and memories and enjoy the local food and some light adventure.

Steve, even 9 years later, still loves going out on an adventure with friends and customers. Steve has instilled that sense of adventure in all the guides that he hires for Purple Mayan Tours.

Steve wants people to have the best adventure based on their athletic ability and personal interests and get the most out of a tour with Purple Mayan.

Your adventure starts here, “are you tough enough”?


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