Public Transportation – Taking a Belize Bus

This guide will help you plan for taking a Belize bus.

Planning a trip to Belize, but don’t quite understand the bus routes? Taking the public bus is a great way to save money when traveling around in Belize, and it’s super easy! I avoided it at first because based on web searches, it seemed way too complicated.

How much does it cost – On average you will be spending $10us to get across the country.

Belize City Bus Station – To get to the Belize City station from the Airport, take a Taxi and plan to pay about $10us. Your taxi driver will know exactly where to take you.

Going East/West – Jump on the bus towards Belmopan. If you’re going further than Belmopan then either transfer to the Benque when you get there, or just get on the bus to Benque from Belize City and hop off when you need to. Benque is the furthest west you can go before hitting Guatemala. Similarly, if you’re heading East you can jump on the bus for Belmopan or Belize City and transfer in Belmopan if needed.

Getting to Placencia or Hopkins – Start by traveling to Belmopan from either the East or West coast. In Belmopan you will transfer to the Dangriga bus. In Dangriga, find the bus that goes to Placencia. If you’re getting off in Hopkins make sure to check with the bus driver that they will be going to Hopkins. Not all go that route, so you’ll just need to check first. You can also check when you transfer in Belmopan, to see if the Dangringa bus will continue on to Hopkins or Placencia. It’s quite possible you won’t even have to get off that bus, and it will take you all the way.

Types of Buses – Regular and Express. The regular buses are the ones that you may find yourself sitting next to a chicken. They stop frequently to pick people up as needed along the route. The Express buses will likely be “newer”, and are less likely to be picking up passengers between major city stops.

Bus Times – Most all of the main buses will run every hour. You can always ask your hotel manager, taxi driver, or host about specific times. If you don’t have anyone to ask, just show up to the station 1.5 hours early and check when you get there.

Note: Your main transfer stations are Belize City, Belmopan, and Dangriga. Not sure which bus to take? Go to which ever of those stations bring you closest to your end location. Belizeans are super friendly and will be able to answer any questions you have on how to get to where you are going.


Taking a Belize bus is a cheap and convenient option for cross country traveling. If you have any questions or other tips to share, let me know in the comments below!



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