9 Days in Belize – Day 1: Nightlife in Belize City

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Exploring Nightlife in Belize City

My trip started late Thursday night / early Friday morning. My flight left just after midnight and I drank my favorite sleep enabler to help me sleep till my layover in Houston, Texas.

This trip marks my 7th visit to Belize in just under 2 years. My first every visit was in February, 2016. While I have traveled to 8 other countries in these two years, this is the only place I continue to return to and plan to make my home. Belizeans joke that at this point, Belize should just grant me an honorary citizenship. If only it were that easy… 😉

I landed in Houston, and learned my brother, who had spent the previous week in Mexico and was scheduled to join me in Belize, was going to be on the same flight from Houston to Belize City!

We landed in Belize City at about 11:30am, and were through customs within 30 minutes. I’ve written a detailed post on what to expect when going through customs, if you want the full experience! My brother had brought some dried crickets from Mexico, and a Belize customs officer had a bit of confusion as to why he had them and why anyone would eat them… but he was allowed to continue on.

We walked across the road from the airport to pickup our rental car. I usually book with Avis due to familiarity, but chose AQ Belize Car Rental this time for the slightly cheaper prices. It is a fairly time consuming process to sign all of the paperwork, but this is Belize and I’m on vacation so I was in no hurry. The agent helping us with our car rental, shared his story of falling in love with the country years ago, moving here, getting married, and that he now has 5 children. Like me, Belize has stolen his heart as it does so many people.

We drove over to Belize City, and picked up the keys for an Airbnb my brother had booked. I’ve driven in Belize on all my visits except the first one, so the pot holes and speed bumps (sleeping policemen) no longer phase me. If you’re thinking of driving in Belize, here’s a post I wrote with some tips. One thing we noticed pretty quick, was the inaccuracy of Apple Maps. Google Maps hasn’t yet led me wrong, so if you’re going to be driving in Belize then I recommend sticking with that.

If you are not planning on paying for an international data plan, but would still like to use you phone for GPS purposes, here’s how I use Google maps with no cell service.

We quickly settled into our AMAZING Airbnb – here’s a link to it in case you’re stopping by!

belize city, belize airbnb, ridebze, belize view
The view outside our Airbnb

We made a grocery stop for the essentials (Belizean rum and Marie Sharp’s hot sauce), then found a restaurant, Midtown Restaurant and Bar where we had spectacular and heaping plates of fresh fish. After filling our bellies with fish and Belikin, we went back to our room for a quick rest.

belikin beer, Midtown Restaurant and Bar, belize city, night life belize city, belize, ridebze
Ice cold Belikin Beer at Midtown Restaurant and Bar

By dinner we were ready to check out the nightlife. We started at Hour Bar, at about 6pm for a quick dinner and more Belikin. Nightlife doesn’t start till about 11pm, so it was pretty empty.

At 8pm we moved on to grab some drinks at Sit and Sip. We had planned to try out a number of places, but ended up staying at Sit and Sip till it closed! The night started out slow as is expected, and we had a great chat with our bartender. By 11pm it was body to body, loud music, live DJ, and loads of fun! They had only just moved into this location 4 days ago, so I was highly impressed with the amount of people filling the place up. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for some excellent night life in Belize City!

sit and sip, belize city, night life belize, belize, ridebze
Blue lighting and fridge full of ice cold Belikin at Sit and Sip

I ended up back in bed by 2am. This was my first time staying in Belize City, and I think it was a great success!

A bit of a heads up – according to some online sources, Belize City is ranked fairly high as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. My understanding is that this is only dangerous if you are mixed up in not so safe scenes or activities. I do want you to know this ahead of time, as it’s always important to practice safe traveling in new areas.

I personally never felt in danger, and find most every Belizean I meet to be extremely kind. I was actually really impressed and super appreciative that not a single person made me feel any bit unsafe or even uncomfortable on the crowded dance floor. I left a bit earlier than my brother did, so I walked 3 minutes to my car alone. I passed a few groups of people, and everyone kept to themselves. I didn’t experience any of the catcalling that I would normally expect in other countries (especially my home country).

Do you have favorite spots in Belize City, or questions about an upcoming stay? Let me know in the comment section below!


I hope you enjoyed Day 1 of our 9 day series! To view all posts from this series as they are released click here!


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