9 Days in Belize – Day 2: Belize City to San Ignacio

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Driving from Belize City to San Ignacio

I woke up at 6am to the pleasant sound of birds singing. Yes, a mere 4 hours after falling asleep exhausted from a night full of partying in Belize City. I checked my phone to see a text from my parents. They were flying in to join me and my brother today, their first time leaving our home country in 30 years! Their flight wasn’t expected to land until 1:30am, so my brother and I thought we had half a day to rest up.

I read the text from my parents – they had jumped onto an earlier flight and would be landing at 11:30am! Well, I was too excited about being in Belize to sleep anyway 😉 I scrolled through Facebook for awhile, made sure I didn’t send anything too crazy the night before. Turns out all I did was snapchat my cousin about how awesome Sip and Sit was… yep, I’m that boring.

By 9am I was ready for coffee and breakfast. I walked a few steps across the street from our Airbnb to BakeD, a delicious and stylish coffee shop and bakery. I grabbed a tall Americano and small meat pie, and went back to my Belize City home to enjoy it. If you find yourself in need of a quick snack and coffee, I definitely recommend checking out this cute shop!

At 11:20am I hurried to the airport – not only had my parent’s flight landed early, but they made it through customs and grabbed their bag in record time! I picked them up in my car out front, and we drove back to the Airbnb. My brother decided to stay back so he could sleep a bit longer.


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Belize airport – rental car lot is on the left side of the road, airport is on the right side.


We spent some time relaxing at the house. After some quick naps, we ate the leftovers of fresh fish from the day before (there was enough left for us all to fill up our bellies!). We did a quick drive around the city, and grabbed some snacks at the nearby grocery store.

Once everyone was all set, we loaded up the car and started on our drive to my favorite place on Earth – Hanna Stables just outside of San Ignacio, Belize! It was about a 2 hour drive, and a perfect day to drive across the country. The fields, the trees, the jungles, the cows, the butterflies, the birds, a little bit of rain and a lot bit of sunshine.

It was Saturday, so when we arrived in San Ignacio town the Saturday market was active. This is a huge weekly year round farmers market that people come to from all over the country. You can purchase fresh produce, baked goods, clothing, and hand made items. The market is open daily, but is much smaller on all days other than Saturday.

I was really excited to see the new San Ignacio sign as we crossed the bridge from Santa Elena to San Ignacio – I forgot to snap a photo, so you will have to grab one for me when you get there 😉

We pulled into Hanna Stables at about 5pm, and were promptly greeted by all of my favorite people in the world. We unloaded our luggage into our room in the stone cottage assigned to us. My parents were even welcomed by two frogs enjoying the coolness of the bathroom 😉


hanna stables, belize, san ignacio, san jose, succotz, belize, ridebze, belize tours, belize excursions
Hanna Stables front desk


We relaxed that evening, had an incredibly delicious meal, and enjoyed the company of each other. We listened for the howler monkeys that you can often hear at night or in the morning, but they were quiet. The Mayans used to determine if it was going to rain or not, based on the howler monkeys. If you could hear the howler monkey call, this means rain is on it’s way. I took the silent monkeys as a good sign for our day tomorrow. 😉

I admired the night stars and fireflies as I walked back to my cottage room that night. We went to sleep a bit early, as we had plans for a horse ride to Xunantunich in the morning!


I hope you enjoyed Day 2 of our 9 day series! To view all posts from this series as they are released click here!



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