Buying a Book in Belize – My Guide to Finding a Bookstore

Buying a book in Belize is no easy task – until you know where to look.

For my second visit to Belize, I had forgotten to pack a book to take with me. To me, this is a monstrosity. I asked my host where I could go to get a book, and the first answer was that there are no book stores in Belize. Which, if you’re looking for a brand new one, is probably true.

Much to my delight, my host discussed my turmoil with my other host, and together they came up with a couple options! My lovely host drove me into San Ignacio, to a store that carries tons of titles – I can’t remember exactly what’s it’s called… but it’s on the ground floor of a red two story building with a few other shops inside. I’m pretty sure it’s on West St, near the Ice Cream Shoppe.

There are libraries in Belize, quite a few actually. However as with most, you have to live there to use it.

Later while exploring San Ignacio, I also came across the Easy Rider gift shop, which if you look in the back you’ll find a shelf of used books. This shop is located next to Flayva’s.

Anyway, that was my adventure in buying a book in Belize!

Turns out lots of gift shops sell books, so my recommendation would be 1) ask your host if they know of any book stores. If not then 2) browse through the gift shops!

Have a favorite Belizean book store to share, or hidden books spot? Let me know in the comments below!



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