Cheap Flights to Belize – How to find them!

Looking for cheap flights to Belize?

Have you been holding off on booking your trip because of the cost of a airplane ticket to Belize? Flying can get expensive, so I have a couple places I keep an eye on, for cheap flight alerts. This doesn’t just have to be for Belize either, use it for all of your travels! I try to check out a couple new countries a year, so my wallet definitely loves that I use the following resources.

Here are the resources I use the most:

  • Secret Flying – follow their website, or social media posts to be alerted for any cheap flights.
  • The Points Guy – sort this search by Most Recent to see if there are any good deals that are relevant to you.
  • Frugal Travel Guy – no easy way to sort this search, but scroll through to see if there are any goods deals for you
  • SkyScanner – check this website out, for a search tool that will help you find the cheapest days to travel. They also have a mobile app.
  • airefarewatchdog – setup alerts so you will know as soon as flight ticket prices drop for the dates you are planning on traveling to belize.


If you go to the social media profiles for these websites, you can set your notification settings to alert you every time a new deal is listed. I have that set for Secret Flying, and can be super helpful to be sure I don’t miss out on great deals!


Do you have a favorite way to find cheap flights to Belize? Comment below! I would love to add it to this list.



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