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an the true we are Belizean we are humble very kind. I wanted to study for be a doctor because my grandfather is a bush doctor. But then sadly my father past away 8 years ago on a traffic accident and then I had to find something to do for survive and supply the house.

So, I started selling natural medicine on the villages for one year then I was ask by a health inspector where is my licence and then I left that immediately and I got the opportunity to get a course to be a tour guide.

I became a tour guide and 3 months my brother past away and I am in charge of his 3 kids now so I became a tour company owner. So now my aim is to grow this business and provide job for those who are in need. We take a lot of courses from professionals with good ethics so now we provide services such as tours transfers we have licensed tour guides /well equip AC vans we give you a delicious lunch/ a fun and educational tour your guides stay with you at all times.

Let us be your guide in Belize

Thank you!

Leonardo Diaz

Thanks for supporting a True Belizean Owned Business.


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