Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Drink more water! We all know water is good for us, but most do not drink as much as we should- especially when on vacation. When participating in activities such as hiking, horse-back riding, snorkeling, and diving one needs to consume more water than they typically would be prone to drink.  In fact, you should aim for one to two gallons of water a day when in Belize. I know, that’s a lot. The challenge is that you’re not only having to meet your daily requirement, but increase it. (Due to the increase activity level, extra humidity, most people sweat more, quickening lack of hydration.)

While I realize it may seem like an odd subject to write about, it’s important. Even though I consume a gallon or two of water a day, I personally have been dehydrated twice in my three years of living in Belize. Both times, I went “just one day” without drinking very much water because I got distracted on a project and didn’t have close access to water. I kept thinking I’ll just finish this project and then go get some water. By the time I downed several glasses, it was too late. I couldn’t catch up. To make matters worse, it is extremely difficult to get ahead when one begins getting nauseated.

Many tourists falsely believe they are drinking enough water only to realize with the increase alcohol and coffee intake they’ve “treated” themselves to, combined with increase in physical activity, they are behind in their water consumption. Getting sick, especially while on vacation, is never fun.

So, how can you make sure you’re drinking enough water? Many pitchers are 1-galloon. I make sure to fill it up in the morning and finish a minimum of one a day, but aim for two. Your accommodations may have pitchers in the hotel rooms and you can do the same. Bring a reusable water bottle when traveling so you will always have some water close by. Plus, you can conveniently fill it up around the country. (Many places have 5-gallon water jugs and let people fill them up to reduce the amount of plastics going into landfills.) Choose a water app that will remind and encourage you to drink up. There are several out there that have received good reviews and are free. Water Drink Reminder, Water Log, and Hydro Coach are just a few of the ones out there.


This post was written for by Leslie Sorrell, and posted with her permission.


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