Quick Tips! – Driving in Belize

Decided to rent a car? Here are some quick tips for driving in Belize!

I didn’t rent a car during my first stay, but have ever since as I found it to be simple. If you’ve driven in New York and/or California, I think that you’ll find this a breeze! However, there are a couple things you might want to know before you get there, that I’ve included below.

  • Speed limit is in MPH but car shows KPH? This is probably the most confusing part of driving in Belize! All of the rental cars I’ve driven show my speed in in KPH, but a majority of the speed limit signs show MPH. Check out this handy website to familiarize yourself with the conversion, before you get there. www.mphtokph.com
  • What about those speed bumps? When my friends who have driven with me on one of my first visits read this, they’re going to have painful flashbacks! The speed bumps in Belize are no joke, brutal. Don’t go over them at anything above 5mph or you’re going to be sore. Trust me. Sometimes there are warning signs to let you know when there’s one is coming up, but not always… During my first few visits I tried to make sure I was always behind another car, so the car in front of me would get the the bump first as my own warning. However, I’ve driven enough now that I know where they are… unfortunately a little too well (hence my friend’s flashbacks).
  • Making a left turn? If you’re making a left turn, and there are cars behind you… pull over to the right to let them pass BEFORE you take your left turn. This is an old law that isn’t 100% followed, but important to know! I’ve now met a couple people who got into an accident when turning left, because the truck or car behind them thought they could pass 🙁 don’t let that happen to you!
  • I keep getting passed! Am I going fast enough? Probably. Just double check (see the first tip in this list), and keep going at a safe speed.
  • Can I pass a slow driver? You can! But only when safe to do so, obviously. You can pass when there’s a single dotted line in the middle of the road.
  • Police check points.  You may come across a police checkpoint, especially if you’re near the Belize borders. Just stop when you get there, show the officer your drivers license, and continue on when they say you can. I’ve never had any issues, and the officers are usually very friendly. (granted, I’ve never had anything illegal in my car… lol)
  • Will I be able to read and/or understand the road signs? If you can read English and are used to the road signs in the US, then you are good to go!


I hope you found this guide for driving in Belize helpful! While it might be a bit intimidating a first, driving in Belize is actually quite easy and gave me the freedom I love.

Do you have a driving question, or tip to add? Comment below!



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2 thoughts on “Quick Tips! – Driving in Belize

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    I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure
    whether this post is written by him as nobody else
    know such detailed about my trouble. You’re incredible!

    1. Hannah

      I’m glad your found this relatable, and sorry you experienced troubles!

      It was written by myself, but I’m happy your cousin sent you here ? Let me know if there are any further questions I can answer for you, or if you have your own tips to add!

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