9 Days in Belize – Day 8: Our last full day in Belize


This is Day 8 of a 9 day series – to view all posts from this series click here!

We bought 4lbs of shrimp – and ate it all!

Today I woke up to another gorgeous sunrise! Only downside to going during the end of the rain season, is all these pesky clouds getting in the way of the golden sun 😉


At 7:30am we left to bring my brother to the Placencia airport. His flight was at 8:30, and we got there just before 8am. We waited so that we could watch his flight take off. The Placencia airport runway goes right over the main Placencia road, so the road closes off during takeoff and landing. We timed it so that we would make it to the closed gate right in time for the take off. Here’s a GIF of the take off!



After watching my brother take off on his Maya Island Air flight, we drove around the runway to turn around… making it back to the runway just in time to see a Tropic Air flight land! Check out my video below of the landing.



On our way home, we stopped to do a final grocery shopping trip. We came across this 4.47lb bag of shrimp, and really how do you say no to that? We said yes!



We got back to our room at the Belize Ocean club in Maya Beach, unloaded the groceries, then relaxed for a bit on the beach. Is it not gorgeous!? It was so empty too! We really lucked out in our timing, coming just before tourist season booms.



Just before lunch, we went back to the room. My Dad and I peeled all 4.47lbs of shrimp, while my Mom started on this magical concoction of rice, jerk seasoning, corn, onions, and all sorts of other great stuff.

We boiled the shrimp to cook it up. That’s a LOT of shrimp!



Ok, remember when I said I’m not a food photographer? Well, it’s true. I’m also don’t plate very fancily haha but here’s what our final product turned out to be! We even have some fried plantains with Cayo honey and cinnamon 😀 So delicious!!



After some more beach time on this last full day in Belize, I ended the night with a lobster dinner and gorgeous sunset over the Belize mainland.

Check out what the romantic dinner spot looks like at night!


I ended the night with a full belly of crustaceans 🙂


I hope you enjoyed Day 8 of our 9 day series! To view all posts from this series as they are released click here!

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