It’s National Beverage Day! Get to know the Belizean drinks you can enjoy during your stay

Walk into most any grocery store or restaurant in Belize, and you’ll be greeted by delicious cold beers in the fridge, for an average of $2us a bottle.

What kinds of beer can you expect?

Belikin Beers

The Belize Brewing Company (established in 1969) is owned by the Bozen family, and makes most all of the beer you will find in Belize.

Here’s a list of what they make:

  • Belikin Beer – Alcohol 4.8% (my personal fav!)
  • Belikin Stout – Alcohol 6.5%
  • Lighthouse Lager – Alcohol 4.2%
  • Belikin Premium – Alcohol 4.8%
  • Guinness Stout – Alcohol 7.5%
  • Seasonal Beers
    • Chocolate Stout – Alcohol 6.5%
    • Sorrel Stout – Alcohol 6.5%

“Blissfully Belizean” – from the back of a Lighthouse bottle 🙂

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Stocking up for a shindig? Stop at a grocery store (or the Belikin warehouse), and pickup a crate of beer! You’ll pay a refundable deposit of $5us for the crate, and then just $0.25us per bottle. Belkin bottles are returned and reused.

As far as microbreweries go, they’re fairly limited. I have heard that Island Time Brewery makes a delicious blonde ale!

Not here for the beer? Here are some more drinks I’ve enjoyed!

I sipped this delicious mango smoothie while enjoying the Sun in December last year! This was picture was taken at Rumors, in San Ignacio. Did you know you can swim at their pool for just $5us!? I spent the afternoon there, enjoyed this smoothie and swam in their amazing infinity pool looking out at the jungle. So relaxing!

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I drank this spectacular coffee (beans grown on site!!) at Hanna Stables in Succotz! With delicious coffee, and a view of the Xunantunich ruins… you just can’t beat it!

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Can’t go wrong with a coke on a (super hot) beautiful day in the cayes! This was enjoyed while waiting for the ferry back to Belize City, in San Pedro. If you’re in the area, make sure you have a bite to eat at Robin’s Kitchen. BEST jerk chicken… ever. It goes fast too, so get there early! Or, try the jerk fish. Also, freakin delish.

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Then there’s my favorite drink, cacao! This is the oldest known human made drink there is. Only the most important Mayans drank this years ago. This was enjoyed at A’Jaw Chocolates and Crafts in San Ignacio. Interested in learning more about cacao? Check out this Chocolate Tour you can book for during your Belize stay!

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Just don’t forget… no working during drinking hours!

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