How I navigate Belize …with no cell service

Let’s face it, I use a cellphone GPS app to get anywhere these days. Not always because I don’t know where to go, but because I rely on the data they have to determine the quickest route, the road blocks, and the traffic congestion.

When I’m in a new country or new town, this is no different – my GPS gets me where I need to go. However like me, you might not always pay for that international data plan that can easily run your bank account dry. You might think that renting a car in Belize is too much of a hassle if you don’t have the data plan for keeping your GPS running. Sure you could pay an arm and a leg to get one with your rental car… but really though, who wants to add another fee onto their vacation? Not me!


Ok, so how do I avoid the extra fees but still use my GPS?

I download the maps ahead of time using Google Maps! This can be done on ANY device that has access to Google Maps. iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface… etc.


Offline maps pro tip – 

When downloading the offline maps for Belize, I recommend including the entire country in your download. Belize is small enough that you should be able to store that amount of data on your device. This ensures that you have maps for anywhere you might end up – accidentally or on purpose 🙂 May as well keep your exploration options open!


The question you probably have now is, how do you download the offline maps?

Below I’ve included Google’s directions on how to download offline maps. Take a look and if you run into any issues or have any questions then please do let me know in the comments! I would love to help you get this going, as it has truly helped me out numerous times.


Final words of advice – 

Even if you aren’t driving a car in Belize, downloading the maps is a great way to always know where you are. When I’m traveling the world, I try to grab an offline map for where I’m going – just in case I want to find restaurants, or businesses in nearby.


What do you do?

What are ways you’ve found help you stay connected while traveling with out cell service or a data plan? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!


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