9 Days in Belize – Day 4: San Ignacio to Placencia

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Driving from San Ignacio to Maya Beach

We started the morning with another great meal and coffee at Hanna Stables. The coffee is grown and roasted on the farm, so it’s always a treat!

After breakfast my brother, Dad and I went back into San Ignacio to try out the Rum Tasting.



We had an incredible time tasting 5 rums, ending the tasting with our choice of a vintage rum.



Actually there was a lot to choose from for our first four rums as well! It wasn’t just rum either, there was cashew and blackberry wine, a bitter, gin, vodka, and liqueur. We stuck with Rum, but if you don’t love rum (*GASP!*) then you have options 🙂


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We learned about how sugar cane was brought for Papua New Guinea to Belize, and who really invented Rum! We all had an excellent time, and I would definitely do it again. Before we left, our rum expert showed us this super old copper barrel originally used at Traveler’s Rum that is now sitting above the entrance to the rum tasting room.



After the rum tasting in San Ignacio, we went back to Hanna Stables to load the car up with our stuff and get started on our journey to Maya Beach on the Placencia Peninsula!

We ran into a bit of a snag on our way out. Just before exiting San Ignacio, we stopped to fill our tank with gas. It’s a long drive and there aren’t many station on the way. When our tank was full, I turned the key to get the car running, and nothing happened. Well, the engine was trying to happen but wasn’t taking in any gas.

My Dad gave it a try, our attendant gave it a try… a car full of 4 guys stopped to give it a try. After 20 minutes of tinkering around it was determined that the gas pump wasn’t doing it’s job.  Seriously though, 4 random Belizeans went out of their way to see if they could fix our car. One guy was under the car listening, one guys was under the hood, another was turning the key… When I say Belizeans are the nicest people in the world, I mean it!

I called up the car rental agency (only located in Belize City, 2 hours away!) – within a few minutes they had another car on it’s way to us. After two hours of hanging out at a gas station, our new car arrived and we were ready to go. I’ve rented over a hundred cars over the past few years, I suppose I was about due for my first break down 🙂

Sometimes on drives across the country, you run into traffic. By traffic I mean a single MASSIVE tractor that takes up both lanes of the road 🙂


We got to our hotel in the dark, so I don’t have any pictures of the place from our first night. I do however, have pictures of these two gigantic grasshoppers that were hanging out in the lobby!



If it’s good enough for babies, it’s good enough for… grasshoppers?



I tucked in early this night – the drive and the unexpected gas station visit wore me out 🙂

Check back tomorrow for some incredible beach front views!


I hope you enjoyed Day 4 of our 9 day series! To view all posts from this series as they are released click here!



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2 thoughts on “9 Days in Belize – Day 4: San Ignacio to Placencia

  1. Pernille

    This reminds me so much of our trip to Costa Rica. While our car didn’t die it absolutely refused to get up the hill to the house we rented. It was late, dark and we were stuck. Ended up bringing up what we needed on a quad. I would totally go to Belize. It looks amazing.

    1. Hannah

      Let me know if you do go! I think you would love it 🙂

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