Altun Ha Mayan Temple and Baboon Sanctuary

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Altun Ha (Mayan for stone water) was believed to have been inhabited by the Mayans during the Classic Period 200 BC. To 900 AD. Most of the construction of the site was done during that era. The largest temple (Temple of Masonry Arts) is 54 feet in height and has an altar on top where sacrifices were performed. A large elaborately carved Jade head of the Mayan Sun God (Kinich Ahau) was uncovered in the Temple of the Masonry Arts. The site has been extensively cleared and restored. You will be able to hike to the top of the tallest temple and enjoy a panoramic view of the entire site, which includes many more structures.

Baboon Sanctuary: 

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  • Located in the Belize District approximately 30 miles from Belize City.
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  • Minimum 2 persons
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