• What is the point of RideBZE, what are you trying to solve?
    • The purpose of RideBZE.com, is to make booking tours in Belize easier for guests and less work for tour operators. Through RideBZE.com, tours operators can list their tours. Guests can visit the website, search for their interests, and select the activity they want to do. Once they’ve selected it, they can pick a day and time that is available, enter any required information, and book directly on the spot. The reservation is then be sent to the tour operator with all the details included. After the tour, the guest will have the ability to rate their experience with 1-5 stars, and include a review to help potential guests know what to expect.


  • How do I sign up with RideBZE.com?
    • Check out This Blog Post for details. You’ll want to send us an email at contact@ridebze.com to let us know you’re interested! We’ll work with you to get you setup.


  • How do I add tours to RideBZE.com? 


  • How does this all work? What do I get out of it, and what’s the fee?
    1. First you would sign up with us, and get your tours listed on the website.
    2. Guests will now have the ability to find your tour through the website, and book it.
    3. You will receive an email confirmation listing the booking details.
    4. Once the guest has completed the tour, they will have the ability to give it a 1-5 star rating as well as fill out a review. This review will help potential guests know what to expect.
    5. The guest will pay a 10% deposit (5% for your first 3 months!). This deposit goes to me. The remainder of the fee will be paid directly to you when they get to your tour site.


Have any additional questions? Send me an email at contact@ridebze.com or fill out our Contact form!

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