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Che'il Mayan Chocolate, was established in 2010, with the main objective of finding a market for Organic Cacao beans, produced here in the Stann Creek district, since Farmers were much further away from the main depot that buys cacao.

We had lots of quality cacao beans going to waste!

I could not understand why this should happen and this is what give birth to Che'il Mayan Chocolate! ( Che'il is Mopan Mayan word meaning "Wild Mayan")

We have ventured into chocolate production and today we are producing Chocolate Bars in 12 different flavors. But we also produce other chocolate products such as : Cacao tea, cacao powder, cacao nibs, instant Choco-Maya, Truffles, chocolate wine and Ba'ktun Chocolate Liqueur.

Today, we conduct chocolate making class and cacao farm tours - a comprehensive tour, that gives you the opportunity to make your own chocolate - the traditional Mayan way! Our factory is owned and operated by Indigenous Maya people of Belize!

Be sure to reserve a spot if you are interested in attending one of our chocolate making classes.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cheilmayanproducts/

Email: juliosaqui@gmail.com

Phone Number: (501) 660-3903

Business Location:
We are located in Maya Center Village, Stann Creek District, 14 Miles on the Southern Highway. We are next door the Maya Women's group gift shop, or the second building on the Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve access road. Ask for me - Julio Saqui. Everybody knows me here!

Do you offer Pickup and/or Drop-Off service?
No drop off or pick up as yet. It is one of the our goals in the near future.

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