Why Belize? Here’s why we think Belize is the best spot to vacation!

Do you have all the vacation days you want? Most don’t. So, when choosing where to spend your time-off, understandably, you want to make the most of it by ensuring a great vacation unfolds. Here are my top reasons I think Belize is the best spot to vacation.


*Accessibility to Nature. Belize is unique in that you can go from beaches to jungle in a matter of minutes and can travel across the entire country in a day. Belize boasts the world’s second largest reef, home to beautiful blue waters and colorful fish that can be explored while snorkelling or diving. On land, you are never far from waterfalls to swim, rivers to kayak, or lagoons to explore.


*The Food. An abundance of fresh and diverse food from Belize’s many cultures makes for more meals than one can consume. Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, and Maya, all have their own unique traditional foods that will make choosing your favorite one difficult. Fry fish, Caribbean curries, hudut, dukunu, street tacos, tamales, and fry jacks are just a few of the mouth-watering foods to sample. If you see soup on the menu-get it! But, one could eat only the national dish of stew chicken, rice and beans and no two meals would be the same as every cook has his or her own take on it.


*The People. Belize is home to some of the friendliest people in the world. Belizeans hardly pass another without offering up a hospitable greeting. They are exuberant in their daily lives and it shows. They are all too happy to join a conversation as they appreciate hearing what you like best about their country and eagerly share information about their homeland.


*The Maya Ruins.  It’s amazing to think that at one time, Belize had more Mayas living here than the entire population of the country today. Exploring the many ruins like Xunantunich, Caracol, Altun Ha, and Lamanai is exciting and breath-taking. The views, remarkable and the history amazing. Even today, archaeologists are discovering new treasures and uncovering additional sites. In western and southern Belize there are ethnic Mayas, who have called this area their home for thousands of years.


*The Party’s. Belizeans know how to have a good time! It seems like there is always a holiday or festival happening filled with live music, dancing, and good-times. Lobster fest in Placencia, Chocolate festival further south, Cashew festival, Mango fest, and many more! Most villages even have their own village festival day, as well, filled with outdoor activities, food booths, and games. During the Christmas holiday season, many families make their own wines, such as ginger, blackberry, and craboo. Look for some home-made rum popo to sample during the holiday season too as it’s Belize’s version of an egg nog.


This post was written for RideBZE.com by Leslie Sorrell and posted with her permission.


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