9 Days in Belize – Day 6: Zip Lining at Bocawina


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Our fantastic zip lining adventure at Bocawina

Today is the day we go zip lining! I’ve tried to book zip lining during my last two visits to Belize, and they never quite worked out because I was there during low tourism season, and nobody else had booked. They didn’t want to take just one person up, which makes sense. This time though, I had my Dad and brother, both willing to glide through the trees with me.

This morning I did get up early enough to see the sunrise, and it was incredible! I sipped some coffee while I watched it rise above the ocean.



We booked our tour for 9am, so we left just before 8am as the drive is about an hour. While there are a couple places to zip line in Belize, the Bocawina reserve has the longest line in the country!

When entering Bocawina, you pay a $5 USD fee to enter the park. Once you pay the fee, you drive on towards the Bocawina Rainforest Resort. It’s not even a two minute drive further.

We parked, walked into the main lobby, paid the tour fee, and signed our lives away!

Ok so, I don’t have any pictures of this adventure. I know, I’m heartbroken as well. I left my phone in the car because I didn’t want to lose it on the zip line course. That’s right, I chose my phone over you. I’m sorry :\ Next time I’ll go with a camera I can attach to myself, because the sights were incredible!

At 9am we were geared up, paired with two guides, and hiking up to the course! The first stop is a demo area, where they explain how they will hook you up, and all of the incredible safety features they have. Basically… unless you weight over 2 tons, you have nothing to worry about. I however, do have an occasional fear of heights so I was pretending everything was chill at this point.

After the safety demo, we continued hiking up to the first platform. There’s a LOT of stairs between the demo area, first platform, and second platform, so just be ready for that! You do get a water break before the 2nd platform and again halfway through the course. This curvy and not super fit girl struggled but would (and did!) do it again.

So, the first platform my brother went first, then me, then my Dad. I was sure I would be super scared by the time it was my turn, but ended up being perfectly fine! It was like this weird mix of relaxing and thrilling, while being supplied with a great view! It was so much more amazing than I imagined that it would be. I highly recommend giving zip lining in Belize a try when you visit! If you’ve been, comment with your thoughts below, or send me photos if you want to be featured on our Facebook/Instagram pages!

There are 9 runs on the full course, and it’s 2.5 miles long in total! The 8th run is the longest and most incredible, at 2,300 feet long. They say the tour takes about 1.5 hours depending on your fitness level and how slow/fast you want to go. We ended taking almost exactly 1.5 hours.

Our guides were excellent! They were loads of fun, and made us all feel very safe. One guide waits for you at the receiving end, and one guide assists each person with getting hooked up.

At the end of the tour, we were invited to come back again to try NIGHT zip lining! Yes. Zip lining at night, in the jungle, is a thing. How can you say no to that? I said we would most definitely be interested, and I would let them know later what day we would be back.

We got back in time for lunch, then relaxed on the beach for the rest of the day. Here’s the gorgeous view that I came back to!



I met this friendly lil iguana on my walk down to the beach.



It was an excellent day, and I went to sleep really excited for the chocolate tour my Mom and I were going on in the morning! Check back tomorrow for details on that delicious adventure.


I hope you enjoyed Day 6 of our 9 day series! To view all posts from this series as they are released click here!


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